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We Value Your Privacy

Privacy policy - DoMETRIQ Consulting.

DoMETRIQ Consulting treats all information collected from our site visitors and clients responsibly. We want your experience to be free of hassle or concern. As such, your information will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent, nor will it be used for any purpose you have not agreed to.

What Is the Information Used For?

Information collected from our visitors and clients falls into two categories: cookies and client data.

  1. Cookies

    Cookies are small files that save and retrieve information. When you click through the pages of a website, data regarding your click path, entry source and time spent on each page (among other personally non-identifiable metrics) gets recorded. None of these cookies will affect you personally, but they provide useful feedback to our website developer. The purpose of this information is to make improvements to the site and create more value for our visitors. If you'd prefer not to have your interaction with this website observed, cookies can be disabled in your browser's settings.

  2. Client Data

    Client data pertains to the details of each individual client's case. This data will be stored in a private database and used only to serve our client. It won't be disclosed to third parties or used for any reason other than that for which the client has given consent.

Guaranteed Security

Our visitors and customer relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. As everything in our business is client confidential, we never disclose any customer information without prior consent.

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