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ISO 9001 quality management by DoMETRIQ Consulting.

DoMETRIQ was founded to help organizations develop into quality-centric contenders with predictable output. The business system that we establish develops, builds and distributes products with consistency, and as a result of higher quality your operational costs will come down.

This business system meets all the requirements of ISO 9001, but its application is less exclusive. ISO certification will be more than just an initiative, it will reflect the true way your company operates. That's why we speak in terms of creating and refining a business system rather than a quality system. Quality will be an intrinsic feature, a repeatable, measurable output of every functional area represented within the system. But ultimately, we want to provide a framework of principles and practices to pave the way for growth.


Ed Baker, co-founder of DoMETRIQ Consulting.

Ed Baker, Co-Founder of DoMETRIQ Consulting, has managed quality, engineering development, operations, organizational acquisition and transitions for some of the most successful technology companies in the world, including Applied Materials, Novellus systems, SAES, Sun Microsystems and Lockheed. Ed's work often rests on the principles of W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer in modern management. Like Deming, he believes that quality provides confidence and peace of mind to the customer, while driving down costs. DoMETRIQ has adopted these principles at its core and encourages their application wherever possible.

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